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Seafood Innovations: Algal Oil with Karim Kurmaly of Veramaris

Episode Summary

In our world today, technological innovations come at lightning speed. The aquaculture industry is no different. Karim Kurmaly and Veramaris are on a mission to feed farmed seafood with high-quality, sustainable omega-3 fatty acids made from algal oil.

Episode Notes

Shaun and Justin sit down with Karim Kurmaly, CEO of Veramaris, to discuss an up-and-coming innovation within the aquaculture industry: high-quality sustainable feed made from algal oil.

Veramaris produces omega-3 fatty acids for animal nutrition from microalgae. Our algal oil, a breakthrough innovation, helps conserve the natural biodiversity of our oceans – a vision shared by the scientists and engineers at our two parent companies, DSM and Evonik.

Veramaris produces algal oil through fermentation using only renewable resources. They use a waste-free process with minimal impact on the environment.

Learn more about Veramaris here, and check out this awesome article from The Advocate about Veramaris and their algal oil!

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