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Baby Clams with Seaventure Clam Co.

Episode Summary

Shaun, Maddie, and Justin sat down with Carolina Panoff and Tori Parks from Seaventure Clam Co. to talk baby clams, delicious chowder, and saving the environment around the Florida coast! Be sure to listen to the end for info about our GIVEAWAY!

Episode Notes

The Aquademia team sat down with Carolina Panoff and Tori Parks of Seaventure Clam Co.  Seaventure is a clam hatchery in Florida, USA, that is not only hatching baby clams, but they are also helping support their local environment and economy by selling them to local farmers, then buying some of them back after their grown to make their delicious clam chowders! Seaventure uses the chowder, their amazingly witty retail products, and their social reach to teach people about responsible aquaculture and the positive impact shellfish farming can have on the environment!

If you want to WIN some of Seaventure's amazing chowder, be sure to TWEET at @AquademiaPod and @Clam_Co using the hashtag #CHOWDERGIVEAWAY, or email us at Podcast@aquaculturealliance with the subject "I Want Chowder!"


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