Aquademia: The Seafood Podcast

Earth's Got Issues.

Episode Summary

What are some of the major issues facing our planet right now? How is seafood connected to these issues? The Earth's got issues. What we can, as seafood lovers, do to help?

Episode Notes

Wildfires, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, hurricanes, nor’easters, flash floods, tornados, heat waves, hail storms, droughts, avalanches. All of these terrifying events are natural processes of our planet, and they all serve their purpose, but there’s pages and pages of scientific papers showing that there’s been a severe increase in these types of events over the last 30-50 years.

These natural disasters we’re experiencing are just effects of the real problems. Global Climate Change, deforestation, water and land pollution, poor waste management, an ever-increasing population are all things that we contribute to, and can take some semblance of control over.
The bottom line is:

Earth's. Got. Issues.

We talk about how seafood is connected to these major issues facing our planet, how it contributes to them, and how it can help work towards fixing some of them. Industry experts that provide their insight in this episode include GAA Executive Director Andrew Mallison, recent environmental studies graduate Maddie Cassidy, and NCEAS Postdoc Halley Froehlich.

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