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How Fish Gets to Your Plate with Samuels Seafood, Introducing MONGER

Episode Summary

Learn about how your seafood gets to your plate, and Samuels and Son Seafood's role in the process. Samuels Seafood has a brand new seafood podcast, MONGER, and the Aquademia team is excited to have them on to introduce it.

Episode Notes

This week, Aquademia has two guests on the show: Joe Lasprogata and Bill Bradford, both of Samuels and Son Seafood. Bill is the host of Samuels Seafood's brand new seafood podcast, MONGER.

Hear about Joe and Bill's history, what inspired their podcast, and about Samuels and Son Seafood. We get into recent advancements in aquaculture and how Samuels plans to use them in the future.

"People don't realize how much of seafood is aquaculture. That's why it's so available, so high quality, it's consistently priced...Do some research yourself. Once you understand the product, you can start understanding organization like Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), because it's very complex. You have to continually educate yourself. It's complicated, but it's very important and very worthwhile."

"In an odd way and in a good way, because aquaculture took so much heat over the years, they are more cognizant of what's going on. Now when you go to a farm or a site, they're very transparent, they're doing everything right."


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