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The Future of Food is Seafood with Nick Mendoza

Episode Summary

Nick Mendoza is the Founder and CEO of OneForNeptune, a fish jerky company that became the number one food product on Kickstarter in Summer 2018. Join Aquademia as we hear Nick's stories from working on the seas and on farms his whole life, how he got the name OneForNeptune, and why fish jerky. Nick is also a member of the GAA 30 Under 30.

Episode Notes

The Aquademia team was lucky to get the Founder and CEO of OneForNeptune, Nick Mendoza, for an interview on the podcast this week. OneForNeptune is an up-and-coming food jerky company that recently was named the number one food product on Kickstarter.

Nick has had a love of the ocean his whole life. While he found himself working on his family's cattle ranch, he came up with the idea of creating fish jerky – a product that combines many of his interests in life. Tune in to listen to his stories from the sea, how OneForNeptune got its name, and why he chose fish jerky.


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