Aquademia: The Seafood Podcast

The Future of Seafood in Maine with Afton Hupper of Maine Aquaculture Association

Episode Summary

Afton Hupper may be new to the aquaculture industry in Maine, but she is no stranger to the seafood industry. Her family's history with wild-caught seafood goes back generations. In this episode, Afton and the Aquademia team discuss the current state of seafood in Maine, how wild and farmed can complement each other, and where the industry will go in the future.

Episode Notes

Afton Hupper, Outreach & Development Specialist at Maine Aquaculture Association, chats with Aquademia about her experience in the Maine seafood industry.


*Note: Afton misspoke about LPAs in this episode: she reported that LPAs are around 400x400 square feet. In reality, LPAs can be up to 400 square feet in size, and license holders can have up to 4 LPAs in total (1600 square feet total). They can be any combination of dimensions. Additionally, LPA stands for "Limited Purpose Aquaculture", not "License to Practice Aquaculture".

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