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Regenerative Aquaculture with Paul Bulcock of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Episode Summary

Have you ever heard the term "regenerative aquaculture?" If you haven't, or have and aren't sure what it means, we have the show for you! Paul Bulcock from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership joins us to discuss their research surrounding regenerative aquaculture, particularly focusing on efforts to restore mangrove habitat that has been affected by shrimp farming.

Episode Notes

Notes about Paul and SFP:

Join SFP at Seafood Expo North America 2023 in Boston - Come see them at Booth #1073! Learn about SFP’s new research on shrimp farming and mangrove regeneration in person with their aquaculture team. Keep up to date with SFP’s events and activities:

The industry briefing and associated technical report was made possible through funding by the Walmart Foundation. The findings and recommendations presented in these reports are those of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Walmart Foundation.


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