Aquademia: The Seafood Podcast

Seafood 101 - Where Do I Start??

Episode Summary

Nine in 10 Americans are falling short of meeting the recommended two servings of seafood per week. Not sure where to start with seafood? Join Shaun and Justin as they hear from experts Molly Jacques and Sherri Clerk about the basics of seafood.

Episode Notes

"I didn't start eating seafood until I learned more about it."

Seafood can be intimidating. Join Shaun and Justin as they sit down with seafood industry experts Molly Jacques, Supply Chain Transparency Manager, and Sherri Clerk, Registered Dietitian and Best Aquaculture Practices Brand Manager to explore what seafood has to offer.

There are so many things people are discouraged from consuming – eating less sugar, restricting your diet. With seafood, it's a story of encouragement. The more seafood people eat, the more health benefits they can experience.

Learn more about the health benefits of seafood.

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