Aquademia: The Seafood Podcast

Seafood and Global Climate Change

Episode Summary

How is seafood connected with Global Climate Change? We talk about the basics of climate change, how it is connected with seafood, and what needs to change moving forward. Let's talk about seafood.

Episode Notes

Climate Change is a controversial topic, but whatever your beliefs are surrounding it, the fact is that temperatures are rising, and food systems have a big connection with that change.

NASA estimates that in the next hundred years, if sea levels continue to rise at the rate they are, massive portions of land around the world will be underwater (

We need to figure out how we are impacting climate change, and what changes can be made to reduce that impact.

This episode touches on climate change basics, ocean acidification, food production alternatives, such as aquaculture, and we WE, as seafood lovers, can do TODAY to start making a change.

Experts who share their insight in this episode include GAA Executive Director Andrew Mallison and NCEAS Postdoc Halley Froehlich.

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