Aquademia: The Responsible Seafood Podcast

What does the word "SUSTAINABLE" actually mean?

Episode Summary

The Aquademia Podcast supports "sustainable" seafood - but what does that mean? In this episode, Shaun and Justin go in-depth with their research on what makes a product sustainable with guests Dr. Halley Froehlich, Maddie Cassidy and Avery Siciliano.

Episode Notes

Shaun and Justin, with guests Dr. Halley Froehlich, Maddie Cassidy and Avery Siciliano, discuss what the word "sustainable" really means, and the vast amount of factors that go into a product's sustainability.

This episode covers the tragedy of the commons, sustainability of fisheries, why the lobster industry can serve as a role model, and the impact of social accountability and human rights within sustainability issues.

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